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Our Brands

VVS COUTURE is about Retro-Chic! The VVS in the name VVS COUTURE is derived from the diamond industry and means "Very, Very, Slight Inclusion" Its that perfect imperfection! Inspired by several time periods from the 70's when fashion was about colors, moods, fabrics and innovation to the 2000's where juxtaposing two distinctly different fabrics and textures is the new desire.

Conceived in 2008 by designer Paul Aarrington. He set out to take a look back at various fabrications, colors and moods of the time periods he wished to capture. During that time he explored and recaptured the music and feelings of those days. We look forward to taking you on that journey as we recapture the good times, good feelings and good fashion.


Nexus Print Studio conceived and established in 2011 was the solution to being able to design, print and produce the t-shirt product lines with the main client being Paul Aarrington Inc. Nexus Print Studio has since achieved its goal to produce high quality prints for the Paul Aarrington Denim Studio brand as well as many other brands. Nexus has expanded its ability by acquiring the necessary equipment and sewing machines to produce denim jeans. We're able to boast over 12 in house industrial machines to not only make samples but produce small production runs as well. Keeping with our vision we also have in house photography which allows us to go from sample to product to marketing visual materials. We have over 4000 watts of lighting, backdrops and various other essential pieces of equipment to accomplish our goals.

Nexus Print Studio has also helped other brands looking to print utilizing our high quality standards at our location to achieve great results.

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