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About Us

Paul Aarrington Denim Studio is about freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the freedom to be who you want to be. Our vision, our vision is simple perfection! As perfection is subjective so is our style, our chic, our savoir fare. Perfect seam lines and perfect style lines all in concert to orchestrate the perfect fit and the perfect experience. We express our freedom on denim…How will you?

In 2003 the ideology of Paul Aarrington Denim Studio was envisioned. Wanting more from a market already saturated with mundane ideas, Paul Aarrington envisioned an American designer with a European flare to his clothing. The clean lines, the fits, the look of the fabrics all must share a stringent partnership to give the perfect pair of jeans. Paul Aarrington Denim Studio.

Selecting some of the finest denims, designs and wash effects. Paul Aarrington wants to you to live the experience of a true denim connoisseur. Having the elegance and confidence of modern executive while being able to slip in and out of the night life without slightest misstep. With our European inspired collection the fit will be more than just the jeans but the lifestyle.

Classic blue washed and raw denims. Trendy and chic new coatings, fits and wash looks. All converge to give you a new look in men's fashion, men's jeans! 

Knowing that the denim experience is not just about the jeans but the entire look we set out to compliment our denim with some of the most stylish and high quality t-shirts to accompany our styles. In 2011 we began to research and acquire all the necessary components and equipment to design,develop,print and produce or own t-shirts in house. This would give us the opportunity to control the quality and get a good looking product to market faster and on time. As this concept has grown we have acquired the equipment necessary to produce our own jeans in house as well.   

Paul Aarrington is a premium brand. We don't make jeans we create a lifestyle.....